Founder's Award                                        Founder's Award Recipients

This award recognizes outstanding contribution to the science and technology of fibrous materials by a Member. The award is given to a professionally active scientist, regardless of age. Each award is presented in honor of a Founding Member defined as President of the Fiber Society before 1959 (inclusive) or an Honorary Member of the Society.
         Founder's Award Nomination Process
      Founder's Award Nomination Form

Distinguished Achievement in Fiber Science        Dist Achieve Recipients

The Society sponsors an Award for Distinguished Achievement in Fiber Science. This Award is presented to individuals under the age of 40 (in the year of the award) who have made significant contributions to the field. It is intended to recognize early achievement and to stimulate continuing commitment to the science, engineering and technology of fibers and fiber based products.
     Distinguished Achivement in Fiber Science Nomination Process
     Distinguished Achivement in Fiber Science Nomination Form

Student Paper Competition and Award            Student Award Winners

The Society sponsors a student paper competition in order to encourage participation by graduate students in the Society conference activities. The competition is open to graduate students mentored by faculty (professors) who of the Members of the Fiber Society. The competition is held annually in conjunction with a conference of the Fiber Society. The rules, timing and venue of the competition is announced by the Chair of the Student Paper Competition and Award committee annually.  Please stay tuned or contact the Chair of the Committee.

bullet Fiber Society Lecturers             Current Lecturers               Past Lecturers

Each year, the Fiber Society nominates two individuals―one from industry and one from academia―to speak at selected colleges and universities. The intent of the lectureship is to acquaint students and members of faculty with the scientific challenges and opportunities in the areas of fiber science, engineering, and technology.

Honorary Membership                                             Honorary Members

The Society awards Honorary Membership to Members of the Society (for at least ten years) in recognition of life-long contributions to the field.

     Honorary Member Nomination Process
     Honorary Member Nomination Form

Emeritus Membership                                             Emeritus Members

The Society awards Emeritus Membership in recognition of contributions to the field. The Emeritus Member has all the privileges of membership, without payment of dues, provided the member has reached the age of 65 or retired from gainful occupation.

     Emeritus Member Nomination Process
     Emeritus Member Nomination Form

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